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Prof. Ing. Aleš Helebrant, CSc.


Teaching activities

  • Inorganic Non-Metallic Materials (Bc. study programs)
  • Corrosion of Materials (Bc.)
  • Corrosion of Biomaterials (Bc.)
  • Glass-Ceramic Materials for Pharmacy and Medicine (Master study programs MEng.)
  • Chemistry of Inorganic Materials II (MEng.)
  • Glass and Glassceramic Materials for Pharmacy and Medicine (PhD study programs)

Research interests, R&D activities

  • Glass corrosion: kinetics and mechanisms, mathematical description of partial processes, testing of chemical durability of industrially produced glass, corrosion of glass fibres in nuclear power plants, corrosion of glass fibres and grains in concrete
  • Functional layers and coatings on glass and metals: development of antibacterial, antireflecting, chemical durable and bioactive layers and coatings, mathematical description of their interaction with environment
  • Bioactive and resorbable materials for dental and chirurgical implants, description of their interaction with body fluids

Education and degrees

  • 1979-1984 Faculty of Chemical Technology (FCHT), Institute of Chemical Technology Prague (ICT), study program Technology of Silicates, Diploma thesis Diffusional Processes in Float Glass Surface (Ing., eq. To MEng or MSc)
  • 1984-1987 postgraduate study FCHT ICT Prague, study program Technology of Silicates
  • 1990 defence of doctoral thesis Mathematical Description of Glass Interaction with Water and Aqueous Solutions (CSc. eq. to Ph.D.), FCHT ICT Prague

Professional Career

  • 1988 scientific worker at Dept. of Technology of Silicates (now Dept. of Glass and Ceramics) ICT Prague
  • 19891998 Assistant-Professor, Dept. Of Glass and Ceramics (DGC), Faculty of Chemical Technology (FCHT), Institute of Chemical Technology Prague (now University of Chemistry and Technology, UCT)
  • 19982006 Associate-Professor, DGC FCHT UCT Prague
  • 19972006 Vice-Dean for contact with industry and foreign contacts FCHT UCT Prague
  • 20062014 Dean FCHT UCT Prague
  • 20142022 Vice-Dean for science and research FCHT UCT Prague
  • 2000till now Head of the Dept. of Glass and Ceramics FCHT UCT Prague
  • 2006 till now full Professor UCT Prague

International internships

  • October 1991 – July 1992 Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Institute of Materials Science III – Glass und Ceramics (DAAD)
  • July 1997 – August 1997 The University of Oxford, Trinity College, Department of Materials (Open Society Fund and Oxford Colleges Hospitality Scheme)


  • The Czech Glass Society (member of steering Committee, scientific secretary)
  • Czech Chemical Society (member)
  • European Society of Glass Science and Technology (member of ESG Council)
  • International Commission on Glass (member of ICG Council)
  • Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft (The German Glass Technical Society, member)
  • Member of scientific councils University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (since 2006); Faculty of Chemical Technology UCT Prague (since 1997); Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering Czech Technical University Prague (since 2010),; Faculty of Chemistry, Technical University Brno (since 2006); Faculty of Chemical Technology University of Pardubice (2011–2019)
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