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The Department of Glass and Ceramics was founded by professor J. Burian in 1909 and further developed by professors R. Bárta, V. Šatava, J. Staněk and others. Originally, the department was established as a part of The Polytechnical Institute of The Bohemian Kingdom (established in 1869) and later on it became one of the departments of newly established The Czech Technical University (year 1920). One of its part was The Institute of Chemical-Technology Engineering, out of it The Institute of Chemical Technology arised in 1952. Recently the name was changed to the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague.

More about the history of the Department of Glass and Ceramics can be read in the proceedings: "One hundred years of glass, ceramics and inorganic binders at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague" by prof. Jan Hlaváč.  [PDF]

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