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prof. RNDr. Ondrej Gedeon, Ph.D. DSc.


Teaching activities 

  • Spectroscopic and Microscopic Characterization of Materials Solids
  • Spectroscopic Methods for Study of Solids
  • Structure of Glass

Research interests, R&D activities

  • electron microscopy and X-Ray microanalysis, interaction of ionising radiation with solid, characterisation of materials
  • computer simulations, Monte Carlo, Molecular dynamics
  • silicate glass, glass structure, medium-range order in glass, Voronoy polyhedra for glass structure, rings and ring-associated configuration entropy
  • glass surface: structure, interaction, modification


  • International Journal of Applied Glass Science, Associate editor
  • Czech Glass Society
  • Int. Commission on Glass, TC3
  • Society of glass Technology
  • European Microbeam Analytic Society
  • Spectroscopic Society of Jan Marcus Marci
  • Committee for scholar activities at Ministry of Transport


WoS, Scopus

96 papers (WoS), the last five years:

  1. J Machacek, O. Gedeon, M. Liska, Comparison of silica and sodium trisilicate glass surfaces created by moulding and breaking – MD simulation, Ceramics – Silikaty, 66(1) (2022) 43-53.
  2. Olejnicek, A. Hrubantova, L. Volfova, M. Dvorakova, M. Kohout, D. Tvarog, O/. Gedeon, H. Wulff, R. Hippler, Z. Hubicka, WO3 and WO3-x thin films prepared by DC hollow cathode discharge, Vacuum 195 (2022) 110679.
  3. Gedeon, Configurational Entropy Relaxation of Silica Glass - Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Entropy 23(7) (2021) 885.
  4. Gedeon, K. Jurek, Potassium-silicate glass foil irradiated with electrons - Asymmetry in migration and space distribution given by the elastic scattering of electrons on potassium atoms, Nuclear Instr. and Methods in Physics Research B 502 (2021) 150-156.
  5. Pinc, M. Dendisova, K. Kolarova, O. Gedeon, M. Svecova, D. Hradil, J. Hradilova, V. Bartunek, Preparation of surfaces of composite samples for tip based micro-analyses using ion beam milling, Micron 116 (2019) 1-4.
  6. Gedeon, Medium range order and configurational entropy of vitreous silica, Phys. Chem.Glasses – Europ. J. Glass Science and Technol. B 59 (2018) 27-33.
  7. Gedeon, Origin of glass fragility and Vogel temperature emerging from Molecular dynamics simulations, J. Non-Cryst. Solids 498 (2018) 109-117.
  8. Gavenda, O. Gedeon, K. Jurek, Structural and volume changes and their correlation in electron irradiated alkali silicate glasses, Nuclear Instr. and Methods in Physics Research B 397 (2017) 15-26.
  9. Zemek, P. Jiricek, J. Houdkova, K. Jurek, O. Gedeon, Lead-silicate glass surface sputtered by an argon cluster ion beam investigated by XPS, J. Non-Cryst. Solids 469 (2017) 1-6.
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